[GRASS-user] call for volunteers - urgent need for Windows Vista binaries

Milton Cezar Ribeiro miltinho.astronauta at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 15:30:29 EDT 2009

Hi Michael,

Good to hearing about it. By the way, many of the machines we by today is
64bits, and also some of us need to handle very large files (>4GB).

Best wishes


2009/3/26 Michael Barton <Michael.Barton at asu.edu>

> Whether you like it or not, it is nearly impossible to get a new PC without
> Windows Vista today. If we want GRASS to be accessible to Windows users, we
> need to have versions that run under Vista.
> Over the past year, the development team have worked to solve many issues
> that kept GRASS from running under Vista in the past. The only problem now
> is that there are no Windows Vista binaries for users. Furthermore, there is
> no current stand-alone Windows binary for GRASS at all.
> Marco Pasetti made a very nice Windows installer for 6.3 last year, but is
> unable to continue this work.
> Other folks in OSGEO have created OSGEO4W with a number of packages.
> However, GRASS is in the 'advanced' section--and it is not clear what
> libraries need to be downloaded with it--and it cannot be installed
> stand-alone.
> Also, as far as I can tell, the OSGEO4W binary is compiled with Windows XP.
> It opens in Vista but various modules insidiously fail (e.g. r.patch,
> v.patch, v.what.rast, and others). Anyone who installs GRASS under Windows
> Vista will perceive it as a very buggy and semi-functional program.
> So if we are serious about making GRASS as cross-platform as we claim, we
> need some windows knowledgeable volunteers who can 1) help the OSGEO4W team
> create a Vista version and 2) produce binary versions of GRASS for XP and
> Vista to go along with the current Linux and Mac versions. The current GRASS
> dev team has done a fantastic job over the past 2 years of making GRASS
> compilable under Windows, but are working hard on maintaining and developing
> the module and interface code.
> So we really need some new volunteers to tackle maintaining Windows
> binaries. Is there anyone able to take this on?
> Michael
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