[GRASS-user] Re: [Solved]Importing of raster data doesn't seem to work through GUI

Chethan S chethanuniversal at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 12:14:38 EST 2010


That was a brilliant observation from your side. Now the feature works. In
fact that is how the landsat data files are named, with *.TIF extension.
Anyway I can save lot of time now.

Thanks and Regards,

Chethan S.

On Mon, Dec 6, 2010 at 6:50 PM, Micha Silver <micha at arava.co.il> wrote:

> On 06/12/2010 13:37, Chethan S. wrote:
>> Unfortunately, that does not work for me. As you said the *.tif files
>> appear
>> grayed out in that particular folder. But the next outcome is not the one
>> you get. Also after a recent update of GRASS 6.4.1 SVN there is no option
>> "Bulk Import of Raster data". Its only "import raster data". I select
>> directory option there. For using the individual file import option like
>> before I used "Command Dialog" option as shown below. I should also
>> mention
>> that I use GRASS 6.4.0 version from Ubuntu repository at my college but
>> again face the same problem.
>> http://osgeo-org.1803224.n2.nabble.com/file/n5807453/Selection_022.png
>> Regards,
>> Chethan S.
> I think I have an idea why the GUI isn't working. I noticed in your first
> post that the LandSAT tif files are named with CAPS in the filename
> extension, i.e. 171146051_05122001402_B10.TIF. It looks to me that the GUI
> ignores files name *.TIF and only "sees" *.tif.
> You can do a bulk rename of all the files (from the command line...) with
> for f in *.TIF; do mv $f `basename $f .TIF`.tif; done
> Then open the GUI and check if those files are added to the import list.
> Regards,
> Micha
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Chethan S.
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