[GRASS-user] RE: Where the grassdata base resides

Shane Litherland litherland-farm at bigpond.com
Thu Dec 9 05:22:22 EST 2010


I have no probs with my GRASS having been set up (on Ubuntu)
at /home/my-home/GIS/GRASSdata, which, for you, might be equivalent to
c:/users/path-to-your-folders/GIS... (sorry, haven't used that OS for

I'd also recently installed it on a colleagues laptop, I think they were
running Vista or 7... I think I put the GRASSdata somewhere on their
user's desktop... I was in a rush, and struggling to remember my way
around windows so unfortunately can't recall much of the detail to help
you. But the program did work fine.
I was already aware that whitespace in folder/directory names is a bad
practice (at least in my experiences.. even though i think windows still
works ok with them, your GRASS installation, having been born from
another family, still might not like them) so in my previous example I
know I actively avoided that. if_you_insist_on_spaces,...be\ prepared\
to\ possibly\ do\things\ differently... :-)

Did you install GRASS, then try moving the folder location? that may
have confused some of the startup settings and cause your crash?? not
sure if/how to edit startup stuff if this is your case, might be best to
try clean install to your desired location.. unless you've already tried

Maybe, if you don't get it solved 'neatly', a sym-link from C: to where
you prefer to keep GRASS??

my two cents ;-)

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