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*Geomorphometry 2011:  Five days of Digital Terrain Analysis


                e-mail: 2011 at geomorphometry.org

September 7-11, 2011 (Wednesday to Sunday)

ESRI Campus Redlands
<http://www.esri.com/about-esri/redlands/index.html>,California, USA

*PROGRAM CHAIRS* <2011 at geomorphometry.org>

   1. *John P. Wilson* <http://www.geomorphometry.org/search/user/wilson>,
   University of Southern California
   2. *Michael Gould* <http://www.geomorphometry.org/search/user/gould>,
   3. *Ian S. Evans* <http://www.geomorphometry.org/search/user/evans>,
   Durham University
   4. *Tomislav Hengl* <http://www.geomorphometry.org/search/user/hengl>,
   Wageningen University and Research


   - Workshop proposals due: December 2010
   - Extended abstracts due: 1 March 2011
   - Notification of acceptance: 1 April 2011
   - Final camera-ready digital manuscripts due: 1 May 2011
   - Author registration deadline: 15 May 2011
   - Early registration deadline: 15 May 2011

The aim of Geomorphometry 2011 is to bring together researchers to present
and discuss recent developments in the field of quantitative modelling and
analysis of elevation data. Geomorphometry is the science of quantitative
land-surface analysis and description at diverse spatial scales. It draws
upon mathematical, statistical and image-processing techniques and
interfaces with many disciplines including hydrology, geology, planetary
geomorphology, computational geometry, geomorphology, remote sensing,
geographic information science and geography. The conference aims to attract
leading researchers in geomorphometry presenting methodological advances in
the field and to provide young researchers with an opportunity to present
new results.

The Geomorphometry 2011 conference will continue a series initiated by the
Terrain Analysis and Digital Terrain Modelling conference hosted by Nanjing
Normal University in November 2006 and *University of Zurich in

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

   - Extraction of land-surface parameters from DEMs
   - Implications of novel DEM data sources
   - Identification and classification of land-surface objects
   - Uncertainty in geomorphometry
   - Planetary geomorphometry
   - Processing of LiDAR data
   - Semantics of land-surface description
   - 3D visualisation in geomorphometry
   - Implications of scale and resolution
   - Flow and hydrological modelling using DEMs
   - Efficient methods for application to large data sets
   - Novel applications of geomorphometry


Geomorphometry will host *up to three workshops*, each with 15-30 attendees
after the conference (weekend). We invite applications to host a workshop on
a theme related to the main conference. Workshops should primarily take the
form of either tutorials in a particular method or technique, or provide the
opportunity for detailed discussion of upcoming topics. They should not
simply be mini-conferences. If you are interested in organising a workshop,
please submit your proposal by *1st of January 2011* using this
The workshops will be selected based on the sign-ups (after March 2011).
A minimum requirement to run a workshop is to collect 10 sign-ups. Based on
the registrations received, the conference organizers will partially refund
some of the conference costs for the workshop organizers (note: workshop
organizers do need to register for the conference and pay the registration


Prospective authors are invited to submit extended abstracts of up to  4
pages (ca 2000 words) by *1st of March 2011*. Extended abstracts must be
original works by the authors, not be currently under review in the same
form by another outlet and not submitted elsewhere prior to the notification

   - *Author guidelines<http://www.geomorphometry.org/content/manuscript-preparation-guidelines>


   1. *Alexander Brenning*<http://www.geomorphometry.org/search/user/brenning>,
   University of Waterloo, Canada
   2. *Keith Clarke* <http://www.geomorphometry.org/search/user/clarke>,
   3. *Lucian Dragut* <http://www.geomorphometry.org/search/user/dragut>,
   University of Salzburg, Austria
   4. *Ian Evans <http://www.geomorphometry.org/search/user/evans>, *Durham
   University, UK
   5. *Peter Fisher* <http://www.geomorphometry.org/search/user/fisher>,
   University of Leicester, UK
   6. *Igor V. Florinsky*<http://www.geomorphometry.org/search/user/florinski>,
   Institute of Mathematical Problems of Biology, Russia
   7. *John Gallant* <http://www.geomorphometry.org/search/user/gallant>,
   CSIRO, Australia
   8. *Carlos H. Grohmann*<http://www.geomorphometry.org/search/user/grohmann>,
   University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
   9. *Michael Gould* <http://www.geomorphometry.org/search/user/gould>,
   10. *Steve Kopp* <http://www.geomorphometry.org/search/user/kopp>, ESRI,
   11. *Mark Kumler* <http://www.geomorphometry.org/search/user/kumler>,
   University of Redlands, USA
   12. *Robert A.
   ISRIC, the Netherlands
   13. *David Maidment* <http://www.geomorphometry.org/search/user/maidment>,
   University of Texas at Austin, USA
   14. *Helena Mitasova*<http://www.geomorphometry.org/search/user/mitasova>,
   North Carolina State University, USA
   15. *David Montgomery*<http://www.geomorphometry.org/search/user/montgomery>,
   University of Washington, USA
   16. *Brian Lees* <http://www.geomorphometry.org/search/user/lees>,
   University of New South Wales, Australia
   17. *Allan James* <http://www.geomorphometry.org/search/user/james>,
   University of South Carolina, USA
   18. *Takashi Oguchi* <http://www.geomorphometry.org/search/user/oguchi>,
   University of Tokyo, Japan
   19. *Scott Peckham* <http://www.geomorphometry.org/search/user/peckham>,
   Rivix, USA
   20. *Hannes I. Reuter* <http://www.geomorphometry.org/search/user/reuter>,
   GISxperts, Italy
   21. *David Tarboton* <http://www.geomorphometry.org/search/user/tarboton>,
   Utah State University, USA
   22. *Nicolas Tate* <http://www.geomorphometry.org/search/user/tate>,
   University of Leicester, UK
   23. *Sebastiano
   CNR IRPI, Italy
   24. *Lynn Usery* <http://www.geomorphometry.org/search/user/usery>,
   USGS Center for Excellence for GIS, USA
   25. *John P. Wilson* <http://www.geomorphometry.org/search/user/wilson>,
   University of Southern California, USA
   26. *Jo Wood* <http://www.geomorphometry.org/search/user/wood>, City
   University, UK
   27. *Ross Purves* <http://www.geomorphometry.org/search/user/purves>,
   University of Zurich, Switzerland
   28. *Qiming Zhou* <http://www.geomorphometry.org/search/user/zhou>, Hong
   Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

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