[GRASS-user] Clipping Raster Map

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Fri Jan 1 15:10:43 EST 2010

   While the raster DEM displays quickly in the GUI it is unacceptably slow
trying to display in the CLI monitor. Does the large number of colors explain
the time difference?

GRASS 6.4.0svn (Oregon):/usr4/grassbase/Oregon > d.mon x0
using default visual which is TrueColor
ncolors: 16777216
Graphics driver [x0] started

   I want to extract only those sells within the project bounds. I don't see
an r.overlay or r.select equivalent to the vector commands.

   Running 'g.region -c map=dem vector=abernethy' did nothing. I don't know
if there's a conflict between the '-c' option (use current region) and the
definition of the vector boundary map. When I removed the '-c' option and
ran the command the result appears to be the entire original map squeezed
into the smaller region's bounds. Not what's needed.

   Do I need to build a raster version of the vector project area, and use
that to mask everything external to zero? I cannot display the DEM using a
script because it would take a _very_ long time for that one map to display.


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