[GRASS-user] Re: jgrass source code?

Jarek Jasiewicz jarekj at amu.edu.pl
Sat Jan 2 14:08:13 EST 2010

Margherita Di Leo pisze:
> Rich Shepard wrote:
>> On Fri, 1 Jan 2010, Margherita Di Leo wrote:
>>> did you try to ask in jgrass mailing list? [1]
>> Margherita,
>> No.
>>> Just curiosity.. which module of jgrass in your opinion grass needs?
>> Those not in the GRASS distribution. The suggestion was made by 
>> others on
>> the GRASS mail list, and I do hydrologic modeling, so I decided to 
>> look into
>> the conversion.

Note that big part of that work is done or almost done, see 
r.stream.extract, r.stream.order, r.stream.distance and r.stream.stats 
modules in add-ons.  In next first days I will send major update of 
r.stream.order and r.stream basins with new functionality. Maybe it 
could be better you if join us and help to improve or expand that what 
is, instead of creating it from scratch?

Also note that python (and java too) is not good tool for hydrological 
modeling (especially artificial code created with converters) because 
python is a scripting language but hydrological modeling needs loots of 
RAM and loots of processing time


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