[GRASS-user] ps.map Advice

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Mon Jan 4 14:26:49 EST 2010

   The output files from ps.map are huge: the .ps is about 665M and the .pdf
is 9.9M. Way too large!

   The DEM is at 10m cell size. 'g.region -p' produces:

projection: 99 (Lambert Conformal Conic)
zone:       0
datum:      nad83
ellipsoid:  grs80
north:      1334419.15160578
south:      1279151.24118496
west:       769192.92822895
east:       819255.92362222
nsres:      7.49700358
ewres:      3.37898187
rows:       7372
cols:       14816
cells:      109223552

   This has fewer cells than the source raster DEM covering a larger region
(18,724 rows, 24,657 columns, 461,677,668 cells).

   Should I change the nsres and ewres to 10.0? Should I change the number of
rows and columns? Your advice is needed to produce high quality output at
reasonable .pdf size.


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