[GRASS-user] ps.map: labels

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 5 09:20:28 EST 2010

Rich wrote:
>   I understand v.label and v.label.sa, but I don't understand how
> to use the former within a ps.map input file. I have:
> labels proj_pnt.lab
>   font Times-Roman
>   end
> but ps.map tells me it cannot find that file. The file proj_pnt.lab
> contains the v.label command specifying map, attribute column, and
> x/y offsets.
>   What have I missed here?

I don't know. does your label file show up with "g.list labels" ?

this works for me:
v.label lab=arch.lbl map=archsites column=str1 fontsize=8 ref=lower

g.region rast=elevation.dem

ps.map out=test.ps << EOF
raster elevation.dem
vpoints archsites
labels rush.lbl
labels arch.lbl
  font Times-Roman

I notice that v.label.sa has a little bug in that it does not like
PostScript font names, its parser only expects to take installed TTFs.



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