[GRASS-user] Re: Uploading bounding box of vectors to database?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 6 19:50:03 EST 2010

Tim wrote:
> How would a windows user solve this or apply your solution?

v.db.addcol, v.info, and v.db.update selected from the menus.
They'd have to figure out the SQL use from the examples in the help
pages (same as I do).

Martin's new fancy help search tool will tell you where in the
menus those modules can be found.

> I am not interested in the actual solution but would rather
> point at the fact that many scripts & tricks that process the
> results from various GRASS commands such as the statistic
> modules rely on shel scripting.

MSWindows users are going to have to rely on a lot of slow pointing
and clicking and cutting and pasting. it's the nature of it. as it's
impossible to describe that without spending a lot of time and
screenshots/screencasts, I've got to rely on the quickest and most
efficient way of expressing the method.

I understand your point, but I don't know a better way and I don't
scale all that well. Hopefully if the shell script stuff is foreign
to them they can at least take away the module names from it and study
the help pages, and maybe learn a little crazy unix magic in the
process. ;)



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