[GRASS-user] Loop skript

Niels Thevs thevs at uni-greifswald.de
Fri Jan 8 16:01:08 EST 2010

Dear all,

currently I deal with time series data with raster names like xxx.
1, xxx.2, xxx.3, etc. I want to fill Null data with data from neighbouring 
raster layser. So, if there are Null data in xxx.1 I want to replace 
them with the values from xxx.2 etc. How could I formulate a script,
in which like i a loop xxx.1 is tested for Null data and, if necessary 
filled with values from xxx.2, than xxx.2 is tested and so on. 

Regularly, I use Grass under Windows. If such a skript is only possible 
under Linux, I would shift for that to Linux.



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