[GRASS-user] open rasters at r.example

Luis Lisboa luislisboa1975 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 12:13:06 EST 2010

Greetings all

I want to develop a few functions that I probably will need in a few months.
So I decided to learn with r.example.

One of my first doubts is regarding functions name. For instance if I want
to open a old file I use:
But if I want to open a new file I use

My question is why I use in one case "cell" and in the other case "raster"
since they both refer to the same type of data (RASTER)? Because it exists
a G_open_cell_new()<http://download.osgeo.org/grass/grass6_progman/opencell_8c.html#a8e8d5ad9e5a4ea3b21110edf5fec012e>.
and it's not being used.

Another question is regarding the functions: open(path, 0), refered by lots
of functions from gis/open.c (e.g. G__open). I cannot find this function and
fdopen(return fdopen(fd, "w").
Where can I find these functions?


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