[GRASS-user] Legend for vector map

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Wed Jan 13 12:31:59 EST 2010

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> Dear grass users,
> is there a way to display on the graphics monitor a legend for a
> vector map? Something similar to d.legend? The vector map for which I
> need a legend is a series of points which have some temperature values
> associated with them. I have used v.colors to set color rules for the
> temperature values, but I cannot get a legend.
> thanks!
> Alessandro

When in GRASS, think raster. 

Make a raster copy of your vector map (v.to.rast) with the same colors and making sure that the labels match in information in your vector table you want in the legend. Then use d.legend to create a legend from the raster map (but don't display the raster map). 


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