[GRASS-user] Wxpython GUI in UBUNTU 9.10

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 20 16:27:51 EST 2010

Kim wrote:
> ok Now it's working
> but I got another ERROR and I guess this one has nothing to
> do with WXpython.
> An error windows stating
> ERROR in command
> execution g.region
> Unable to get current geographic extent. Force quiting wxGUI.
> Please run manually g.region to fix the problem.
> When I press ok the window and GUI closes and it get back to
> Any tips of what is
> happening?

can you start up in text mode ('grass64 -text', then esc-enter)
and run 'g.region -p' from the command line?

(typically this error means a mis-match in the GDAL install
version, but you have to run g.region from the command line
to see the real error message & find out. [devs: why can't the
GUI propgate the g.region error message for us?])



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