[GRASS-user] new wxGUI

Jarek Jasiewicz jarekj at amu.edu.pl
Fri Jan 22 17:56:10 EST 2010

Mohammed Rashad pisze:
> Hi,
> I am planning to develop a DataCatalog or GRASS GIS Manager. Design of 
> the gui module is almost finished.
> please view the screens and give me a feedback to continue coding the 
> module in wxpython.
> I will start coding after getting response from GRASS community 
> otherwise it will be wastage of time.
> So please send your valuable comments on the link specified below
> http://grass.osgeo.org/wiki/WxPython-based_GUI_for_GRASS#Data_Catalog
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I look more or less your work and I think you shall explain something:

- as I remember you first conception was graphical manager of 
Grass-data. that what you presented it is new completely GUI conception 
(very interesting) so what you plan. Completely new gui is rather 
extensive work I guess.?

- what it you have presented: it are mockups (screens created in some 
graphic programs, conception) or something working or almost working?

- second as I can see you use components of existing wx-gui. what is 
will be: fork of existing wx-python gui or warper on existing 
wx-python-gui? If the first I assume you plan to create alternative to 
existing proposition with its own path of development int the future or 
create warper which will be change with its base. It is important for 
you. If it is warper you shall contact with wxgui developers to 
synchronize your work (if they accept it).

- conception of integrated one gui looks interesting alternative. But 
there are some ides which seems be difficult to implement, for example 
browsing in tabs with possibilities of change mapsets and location 
on-the-fly. So I assume your proposition will allow to browse  maps from 
different  locations and mapsets in  the same session. Did you 
implemented it or it is only idea?

So first try to explain this and share your code, than we can discuss

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