[GRASS-user] r.patch: GRASS-6.5svn

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Sat Jan 23 13:41:38 EST 2010

On Sat, 23 Jan 2010, Glynn Clements wrote:

> Actually, I want to know why the 2GiB limit is there.


   Me, too!

> 1. Can you confirm that include/Make/Platform.make contains:
> 	#Large File Support (LFS)
> 	USE_LARGEFILES      = 1

   Yes, those two lines are present.

> 2. Can you re-compile lib/gis and check that the compilation commands
> include the flag -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64.

   lib/gis/Makefile contains:

#compile if LFS Large File Support present:
ifneq ($(USE_LARGEFILES),)

> [r.patch shouldn't need any particular compilation flags, as the file
> in question is created and written by lib/gis.]
> 3. Can you provide the files produced by the following commands (run
> from within a GRASS session):
> 	ldd $GIBASE/bin/r.patch > ldd.txt

   We actually want the environmental variable to be $GISBASE.


 	linux-gate.so.1 =>  (0xffffe000)
 	/lib/libsafe.so.2 (0xb7f77000)
 	libgrass_gis.so => /usr/local/grass-6.5.svn/lib/libgrass_gis.so (0xb7f2b000)
 	libgrass_datetime.so => /usr/local/grass-6.5.svn/lib/libgrass_datetime.so (0xb7f23000)
 	libz.so.1 => /usr/lib/libz.so.1 (0xb7eee000)
 	libm.so.6 => /lib/libm.so.6 (0xb7ec8000)
 	libc.so.6 => /lib/libc.so.6 (0xb7d7c000)
 	libdl.so.2 => /lib/libdl.so.2 (0xb7d78000)
 	/lib/ld-linux.so.2 (0xb7f7e000)

> 	nm -D $GISBASE/lib/libgrass_gis.so > nm.txt

   That file's 905 lines long so I'll attach it to the message rather than
inserting it here.


-------------- next part --------------
0003c3b0 T G_3dview_warning
0004b540 B G__
0000d5b0 T G__allocate_null_bits
0000d4f0 T G__calloc
0000ef80 T G__check_for_auto_masking
0001b8b0 T G__check_format
00027c50 T G__check_fp_type
00020d50 T G__check_gisinit
00026b60 T G__check_null_bit
00012710 T G__color_free_fp_lookup
00012760 T G__color_free_lookup
000127c0 T G__color_free_rules
00012810 T G__color_reset
00026ac0 T G__convert_01_flags
00026a30 T G__convert_flags_01
00019690 T G__create_alt_env
00025e40 T G__create_alt_search_path
0003e850 T G__create_window_mapping
00019930 T G__env_name
0001a8a0 T G__file_name
0001a6f0 T G__file_name_misc
000192e0 T G__get_gisrc_file
00020630 T G__get_window
00019a90 T G__getenv
000199e0 T G__getenv2
00020eb0 T G__gisinit
00022010 T G__home
000269b0 T G__init_null_bits
0003e7a0 T G__init_window
00012fa0 T G__insert_color_into_lookup
00013410 T G__interpolate_color_rule
000249b0 T G__location_path
00013510 T G__lookup_colors
00024c60 T G__ls
00024e40 T G__machine_name
000252d0 T G__make_location
000258d0 T G__make_mapset
00025ca0 T G__make_mapset_element
00025df0 T G__make_mapset_element_misc
0000d4a0 T G__malloc
00025aa0 T G__mapset
00026230 T G__mapset_name
00025c10 T G__mapset_permissions
00025b80 T G__mapset_permissions2
00026370 T G__mask_info
000268a0 T G__name_in_mapset
00026750 T G__name_is_fully_qualified
00020e40 T G__no_gisinit
0000d580 T G__null_bitstream_size
00028d80 T G__open_cell_old
00031b10 T G__open_null_write
000140b0 T G__organize_colors
00031360 T G__projection_name
00031270 T G__projection_units
00032210 T G__put_null_value_row
00033080 T G__put_window
000341a0 T G__quant_export
000337c0 T G__quant_get_rule_for_d_raster_val
000346f0 T G__quant_import
00033ae0 T G__quant_organize_fp_lookup
000224e0 T G__random_d_initialize_0
000223f0 T G__random_f_initialize_0
000361e0 T G__raster_misc_read_line
00036100 T G__raster_misc_write_line
000372d0 T G__read_Cell_head
000364c0 T G__read_Cell_head_array
00010800 T G__read_cats
000192c0 T G__read_env
0001b6e0 T G__read_row_ptrs
0003b480 T G__read_timestamp
0000d430 T G__realloc
00028100 T G__reallocate_mask_buf
00028190 T G__reallocate_null_buf
00028070 T G__reallocate_temp_buf
00028210 T G__reallocate_work_buf
00035600 T G__remove_fp_range
00035090 T G__row_update_range
00026be0 T G__set_flags_from_01_random
00019350 T G__set_gisrc_file
00027030 T G__set_null_value
000199c0 T G__setenv
000199a0 T G__setenv2
00019300 T G__switch_env
00025e80 T G__switch_search_path
0003ad80 T G__temp_element
0003adf0 T G__tempfile
000312c0 T G__unit_name
0003ead0 T G__write_Cell_head
0003ec90 T G__write_Cell_head3
0000fed0 T G__write_cats
00016ab0 T G__write_colors
00031d00 T G__write_data
00031c90 T G__write_data_compressed
00019c60 T G__write_env
00011700 T G__write_fp_format
00031a70 T G__write_null_bits
0001b5f0 T G__write_row_ptrs
0003b2e0 T G__write_timestamp
00017150 T G_abs_log_colors
000158a0 T G_add_c_raster_color_rule
00015800 T G_add_color_rule
00015940 T G_add_d_raster_color_rule
000158f0 T G_add_f_raster_color_rule
00021430 T G_add_histogram
00025fd0 T G_add_mapset_to_search_path
000155d0 T G_add_modular_c_raster_color_rule
00015520 T G_add_modular_color_rule
00015770 T G_add_modular_d_raster_color_rule
000156e0 T G_add_modular_f_raster_color_rule
00015620 T G_add_modular_raster_color_rule
00015850 T G_add_raster_color_rule
0000ce40 T G_adjust_Cell_head
0000c940 T G_adjust_Cell_head3
0003e570 T G_adjust_east_longitude
0003e5e0 T G_adjust_easting
0003dac0 T G_adjust_window_to_box
0000d1a0 T G_align_window
0000d6a0 T G_allocate_c_raster_buf
0000d710 T G_allocate_cell_buf
0000d630 T G_allocate_d_raster_buf
0000d670 T G_allocate_f_raster_buf
0000d5f0 T G_allocate_null_buf
0000d6d0 T G_allocate_raster_buf
0000dae0 T G_area_for_zone_on_ellipsoid
0000e0f0 T G_area_for_zone_on_sphere
0000d740 T G_area_of_cell_at_row
0000d7f0 T G_area_of_polygon
0000e140 T G_ascii_check
0000eb40 T G_ask_any
0000eb00 T G_ask_any_ext
0000ec40 T G_ask_cell_any
0000ed20 T G_ask_cell_in_mapset
0000edc0 T G_ask_cell_new
0000ed70 T G_ask_cell_old
00024e80 T G_ask_colors
0001d730 T G_ask_datum_name
0001dad0 T G_ask_ellipse_name
0000ead0 T G_ask_in_mapset
0000eaa0 T G_ask_in_mapset_ext
0000ec10 T G_ask_new
0000ebe0 T G_ask_new_ext
0000ea70 T G_ask_new_file
0000ebb0 T G_ask_old
0000eb80 T G_ask_old_ext
0000ea40 T G_ask_old_file
0001e9a0 T G_ask_proj_name
0000ee40 T G_ask_vector_any
0000ee10 T G_ask_vector_in_mapset
0000eea0 T G_ask_vector_new
0000ee70 T G_ask_vector_old
0000ef00 T G_asprintf
00026010 T G_available_mapsets
0000f100 T G_basename
0000d8f0 T G_begin_cell_area_calculations
00019170 T G_begin_distance_calculations
0000deb0 T G_begin_ellipsoid_polygon_area
0001cfb0 T G_begin_geodesic_distance
0001cde0 T G_begin_geodesic_equation
0000d850 T G_begin_polygon_area_calculations
00038430 T G_begin_rhumbline_equation
0000db30 T G_begin_zone_area_on_ellipsoid
0000e060 T G_begin_zone_area_on_sphere
0000f150 T G_bresenham_line
00011470 T G_cell_stats_histo_eq
00027a20 T G_cellvalue_format
000234c0 T G_check_input_output_name
00029400 T G_check_overwrite
0003a900 T G_chop
0003a670 T G_chrcat
0003a550 T G_chrcpy
0003a610 T G_chrmov
00011660 T G_clear_screen
00011690 T G_clicker
00012250 T G_close_cell
0001c8d0 T G_close_gdal_link
0003e6b0 T G_col_to_easting
00026610 T G_color_name
00026670 T G_color_values
00015990 T G_colors_count
00021a10 T G_command_history
00025490 T G_compare_projections
000351e0 T G_construct_default_range
0002f000 T G_convert_dirseps_from_host
0002efd0 T G_convert_dirseps_to_host
00017c50 T G_copy
00017f30 T G_copy_file
0000fd10 T G_copy_raster_cats
00022d00 T G_create_key_value
0000da60 T G_darea0_on_ellipsoid
0000e0b0 T G_darea0_on_sphere
00031500 T G_database_datum_name
00031460 T G_database_ellipse_name
00031590 T G_database_projection_name
00031640 T G_database_unit_name
00031700 T G_database_units_to_meters_factor
00018070 T G_date
00018510 T G_datum_description
000184c0 T G_datum_ellipsoid
00018560 T G_datum_name
00018a50 T G_debug
0002ee90 T G_define_flag
0002e570 T G_define_module
0002e5a0 T G_define_option
0002e6e0 T G_define_standard_option
00029530 T G_disable_interactive
00018cb0 T G_distance
00023690 T G_distance2_point_to_line
00018f90 T G_distance_between_line_segments
00018d20 T G_distance_point_to_line_segment
00019220 T G_done_msg
00018660 T G_dump
0003e660 T G_easting_to_col
0001e310 T G_ellipsoid_description
0001e360 T G_ellipsoid_name
0000dc50 T G_ellipsoid_polygon_area
00021360 T G_extend_histogram
0001a600 T G_fatal_error
0001aa30 T G_find_cell
0001aa00 T G_find_cell2
00010f90 T G_find_cell_stat
0001aa60 T G_find_etc
0001af70 T G_find_file
0001ae80 T G_find_file2
0001ae60 T G_find_file2_misc
0001af50 T G_find_file_misc
00022c90 T G_find_key_value
0001afc0 T G_find_vector
0001af90 T G_find_vector2
00027320 T G_fopen_append
000277a0 T G_fopen_append_misc
000272b0 T G_fopen_modify
00027730 T G_fopen_modify_misc
000273f0 T G_fopen_new
00027870 T G_fopen_new_misc
00027390 T G_fopen_old
00027810 T G_fopen_old_misc
0001b5c0 T G_fork
0003dc50 T G_format_easting
0003dcd0 T G_format_northing
0003dbd0 T G_format_resolution
0003b200 T G_format_timestamp
0001c6c0 T G_fpreclass_add_rule
0001b970 T G_fpreclass_clear
0001bfc0 T G_fpreclass_get_cell_value
0001bd00 T G_fpreclass_get_ith_rule
0001bc10 T G_fpreclass_get_limits
0001bdb0 T G_fpreclass_get_neg_infinite_rule
0001be50 T G_fpreclass_get_pos_infinite_rule
0001c850 T G_fpreclass_init
0001bcf0 T G_fpreclass_nof_rules
0001c500 T G_fpreclass_perform_dd
0001c590 T G_fpreclass_perform_df
0001c620 T G_fpreclass_perform_di
0001c340 T G_fpreclass_perform_fd
0001c3d0 T G_fpreclass_perform_ff
0001c460 T G_fpreclass_perform_fi
0001c180 T G_fpreclass_perform_id
0001c210 T G_fpreclass_perform_if
0001c2a0 T G_fpreclass_perform_ii
0001c800 T G_fpreclass_reset
0001bea0 T G_fpreclass_reverse_rule_order
0001b9a0 T G_fpreclass_set_domain
0001bd60 T G_fpreclass_set_neg_infinite_rule
0001be00 T G_fpreclass_set_pos_infinite_rule
0001b9d0 T G_fpreclass_set_range
00023010 T G_fread_key_value
0000d400 T G_free
0000f520 T G_free_cats
00010f20 T G_free_cell_stats
00012870 T G_free_colors
00021600 T G_free_histogram
00022bf0 T G_free_key_value
00023820 T G_free_list
0000f450 T G_free_raster_cats
000377c0 T G_free_reclass
0003b6a0 T G_free_tokens
00026820 T G_fully_qualified_name
000230f0 T G_fwrite_key_value
0001c880 T G_gdal_raster_IO
0001d3b0 T G_geodesic_distance
0001d030 T G_geodesic_distance_lon_to_lon
0001cd50 T G_geodesic_lat_from_lon
0003c690 T G_get_3dview
0003c450 T G_get_3dview_defaults
0000e1a0 T G_get_ask_return_msg
000107a0 T G_get_c_raster_cat
00012a70 T G_get_c_raster_color
00020370 T G_get_c_raster_row
00020460 T G_get_c_raster_row_nomask
000107d0 T G_get_cat
0000f320 T G_get_cats_title
000113b0 T G_get_cell_title
0001d410 T G_get_cellhd
00012ab0 T G_get_color
000142f0 T G_get_color_range
000142b0 T G_get_d_color_range
00010740 T G_get_d_raster_cat
000129f0 T G_get_d_raster_color
00020310 T G_get_d_raster_row
00020400 T G_get_d_raster_row_nomask
000185e0 T G_get_datum_by_name
000180d0 T G_get_datumparams_from_projinfo
00012930 T G_get_default_color
000206e0 T G_get_default_window
00018bd0 T G_get_dig_title
0001e490 T G_get_ellipsoid_by_name
0001e530 T G_get_ellipsoid_parameters
000159e0 T G_get_f_color_rule
00010770 T G_get_f_raster_cat
00012a30 T G_get_f_raster_color
00020340 T G_get_f_raster_row
00020430 T G_get_f_raster_row_nomask
00034e10 T G_get_fp_range_min_max
0001c960 T G_get_gdal_link
000192a0 T G_get_gisrc_mode
00021250 T G_get_histogram_cat
00021280 T G_get_histogram_count
00021240 T G_get_histogram_num
0000f820 T G_get_ith_c_raster_cat
0000f740 T G_get_ith_d_raster_cat
0000f880 T G_get_ith_f_raster_cat
0000f7c0 T G_get_ith_raster_cat
000203a0 T G_get_map_row
00020490 T G_get_map_row_nomask
0000fa10 T G_get_next_marked_c_raster_cat
0000f8e0 T G_get_next_marked_d_raster_cat
0000f9e0 T G_get_next_marked_f_raster_cat
0000f980 T G_get_next_marked_raster_cat
000128a0 T G_get_null_value_color
000200c0 T G_get_null_value_row
0001e840 T G_get_projinfo
0001e8f0 T G_get_projunits
00034fd0 T G_get_range_min_max
00010460 T G_get_raster_cat
0000f2f0 T G_get_raster_cats_title
00012990 T G_get_raster_color
00027a60 T G_get_raster_map_type
000202e0 T G_get_raster_row
000204c0 T G_get_raster_row_colors
000203d0 T G_get_raster_row_nomask
00039270 T G_get_raster_sample
00038ef0 T G_get_raster_sample_bilinear
00038840 T G_get_raster_sample_cubic
00038d50 T G_get_raster_sample_nearest
00035db0 T G_get_raster_value_c
00035c70 T G_get_raster_value_d
00035d10 T G_get_raster_value_f
00037ab0 T G_get_reclass
00039520 T G_get_set_window
0001e3e0 T G_get_spheroid_by_name
00010f00 T G_get_stats_for_null_value
0003afb0 T G_get_timestamps
00020740 T G_get_window
00019b00 T G_getenv
00019a50 T G_getenv2
00020980 T G_getl
000208a0 T G_getl2
000209e0 T G_gets
00024970 T G_gettext
00020bf0 T G_gisbase
00020c20 T G_gisdbase
00020c50 T G_gishelp
00020f80 T G_histogram_eq
000178b0 T G_histogram_eq_colors
00017630 T G_histogram_eq_colors_fp
00022060 T G_home
0001a630 T G_important_message
00035b70 T G_incr_void_ptr
00022360 T G_index
00019df0 T G_info_format
0000f710 T G_init_cats
00011360 T G_init_cell_stats
00012ed0 T G_init_colors
00034dd0 T G_init_fp_range
00021220 T G_init_histogram
00034f90 T G_init_range
0000f690 T G_init_raster_cats
0003af10 T G_init_timestamp
00026ff0 T G_insert_c_null_values
00017ad0 T G_insert_commas
00026fb0 T G_insert_d_null_values
00026fd0 T G_insert_f_null_values
00027010 T G_insert_null_values
00022700 T G_interp_bicubic
00022600 T G_interp_bilinear
00022690 T G_interp_cubic
000225e0 T G_interp_linear
00022870 T G_intersect_line_segments
00022ae0 T G_intr_char
000133b0 T G_invert_colors
0002ef90 T G_is_absolute_path
00026950 T G_is_c_null_value
00026990 T G_is_d_null_value
0002ef70 T G_is_dirsep
00026970 T G_is_f_null_value
00022bd0 T G_is_gisbase
00019270 T G_is_little_endian
00022bb0 T G_is_location
00022b90 T G_is_mapset
00025ef0 T G_is_mapset_in_search_path
00026d10 T G_is_null_value
00037a50 T G_is_reclass
00037d10 T G_is_reclassed_to
00024420 T G_lat_format
00023f50 T G_lat_format_string
00024120 T G_lat_parts
00024940 T G_lat_scan
000233e0 T G_legal_filename
0003de20 T G_limit_east
0003de40 T G_limit_north
0003dec0 T G_limit_south
0003de30 T G_limit_west
00023880 T G_list
00023ce0 T G_list_element
00024360 T G_llres_format
00023f90 T G_llres_format_string
000248c0 T G_llres_scan
00015fd0 T G_load_colors
00015fa0 T G_load_fp_colors
00024980 T G_location
00024a20 T G_location_path
00017410 T G_log_colors
000243c0 T G_lon_format
00023f70 T G_lon_format_string
00024090 T G_lon_parts
00024910 T G_lon_scan
00013c60 T G_lookup_c_raster_colors
00013ce0 T G_lookup_colors
00013ad0 T G_lookup_d_raster_colors
00013b50 T G_lookup_f_raster_colors
000232b0 T G_lookup_key_value_from_file
00013bd0 T G_lookup_raster_colors
00024d90 T G_ls
00024ae0 T G_ls_format
0002f030 T G_lstat
00012530 T G_make_aspect_colors
000122b0 T G_make_aspect_fp_colors
00012590 T G_make_bgyr_colors
00012330 T G_make_bgyr_fp_colors
00012560 T G_make_byg_colors
000122f0 T G_make_byg_fp_colors
000125c0 T G_make_byr_colors
00012370 T G_make_byr_fp_colors
00015f70 T G_make_colors
00015f40 T G_make_fp_colors
000125f0 T G_make_grey_scale_colors
000123b0 T G_make_grey_scale_fp_colors
00012620 T G_make_gyr_colors
000123f0 T G_make_gyr_fp_colors
00021650 T G_make_histogram_cs
00012cf0 T G_make_histogram_eq_colors
00012b10 T G_make_histogram_log_colors
00025430 T G_make_location
000259e0 T G_make_mapset
00012650 T G_make_rainbow_colors
00012430 T G_make_rainbow_fp_colors
00012680 T G_make_ramp_colors
00012470 T G_make_ramp_fp_colors
00014120 T G_make_random_colors
000126b0 T G_make_ryg_colors
000124b0 T G_make_ryg_fp_colors
000126e0 T G_make_wave_colors
000124f0 T G_make_wave_fp_colors
00025ad0 T G_mapset
00010430 T G_mark_c_raster_cats
000143a0 T G_mark_colors_as_fp
000103d0 T G_mark_d_raster_cats
00010400 T G_mark_f_raster_cats
00010320 T G_mark_raster_cats
00026430 T G_mask_info
00026500 T G_maskfd
00034d30 T G_meridional_radius_of_curvature
0001a6b0 T G_message
0002f090 T G_mkdir
00026550 T G_myname
00026720 T G_newlines_to_spaces
00010e10 T G_next_cell_stat
0003e550 T G_northing_to_row
000165c0 T G_num_standard_color_names
00016570 T G_num_standard_colors
00010c00 T G_number_of_cats
0000f3a0 T G_number_of_raster_cats
0003b680 T G_number_of_tokens
00028ce0 T G_open_cell_new
00028c90 T G_open_cell_new_random
00028bf0 T G_open_cell_new_uncompressed
000293a0 T G_open_cell_old
00028b50 T G_open_fp_cell_new
00028ab0 T G_open_fp_cell_new_uncompressed
000274c0 T G_open_new
00027950 T G_open_new_misc
000274a0 T G_open_old
00027920 T G_open_old_misc
00028d30 T G_open_raster_new
00028c40 T G_open_raster_new_uncompressed
00027450 T G_open_update
000278d0 T G_open_update_misc
00016000 T G_parse_color_rule
00015b10 T G_parse_color_rule_error
0002cdc0 T G_parser
00030fc0 T G_pclose
0002f2b0 T G_percent
0002f0f0 T G_percent2
0002f0c0 T G_percent_reset
0000dfd0 T G_planimetric_polygon_area
0002ffa0 T G_plot_area
0002fc10 T G_plot_fx
00022090 T G_plot_icon
0002f610 T G_plot_line
0002f5f0 T G_plot_line2
00030c30 T G_plot_point
00030610 T G_plot_polygon
00030b40 T G_plot_where_en
00030ba0 T G_plot_where_xy
0003ddc0 T G_point_in_region
0003dd50 T G_point_in_window
00030ea0 T G_pole_in_polygon
00031080 T G_popen
00031190 T G_program_name
00031240 T G_projection
0003d600 T G_put_3dview
00032a40 T G_put_c_raster_row
00032d90 T G_put_cell_title
00031860 T G_put_cellhd
00032720 T G_put_d_raster_row
000328b0 T G_put_f_raster_row
00032bf0 T G_put_map_row
00032c50 T G_put_map_row_random
00032700 T G_put_raster_row
00037410 T G_put_reclass
000330e0 T G_put_window
00033130 T G_putenv
000338f0 T G_quant_add_rule
00033180 T G_quant_clear
00033870 T G_quant_free
00033d20 T G_quant_get_cell_value
000334c0 T G_quant_get_ith_rule
00033a30 T G_quant_get_limits
00033580 T G_quant_get_neg_infinite_rule
00033630 T G_quant_get_pos_infinite_rule
000331a0 T G_quant_init
00033200 T G_quant_is_round
000331f0 T G_quant_is_truncate
000334b0 T G_quant_nof_rules
00034100 T G_quant_perform_d
00034070 T G_quant_perform_f
00033670 T G_quant_reverse_rule_order
00033230 T G_quant_round
00033510 T G_quant_set_neg_infinite_rule
000335c0 T G_quant_set_pos_infinite_rule
00033210 T G_quant_truncate
00034a40 T G_quantize_fp_map
00034990 T G_quantize_fp_map_range
00034c20 T G_radius_of_conformal_tangent_sphere
00035b80 T G_raster_cmp
000360c0 T G_raster_cpy
00027fb0 T G_raster_map_is_fp
00027eb0 T G_raster_map_type
0000d550 T G_raster_size
0003c130 T G_rc_path
00010da0 T G_read_cats
000162b0 T G_read_color_rule
00015b70 T G_read_color_rules
00014d60 T G_read_colors
00035640 T G_read_fp_range
0003b5d0 T G_read_grid3_timestamp
00021890 T G_read_histogram
00021dd0 T G_read_history
00023190 T G_read_key_value_file
000348b0 T G_read_quant
00035800 T G_read_range
00010d10 T G_read_raster_cats
0003b640 T G_read_raster_timestamp
000362f0 T G_read_raster_units
000362c0 T G_read_raster_vdatum
00010c80 T G_read_vector_cats
0003b600 T G_read_vector_timestamp
00029630 T G_recreate_command
00017c80 T G_recursive_copy
000381d0 T G_remove
00014f90 T G_remove_colors
00017aa0 T G_remove_commas
0003af20 T G_remove_grid3_timestamp
000214b0 T G_remove_histogram
000381b0 T G_remove_misc
0003af80 T G_remove_raster_timestamp
0003af50 T G_remove_vector_timestamp
00038220 T G_rename
000381f0 T G_rename_file
00025ed0 T G_reset_mapsets
00010dd0 T G_rewind_cell_stats
0000f380 T G_rewind_raster_cats
000383a0 T G_rhumbline_lat_from_lon
000223a0 T G_rindex
000385e0 T G_rotate_around_point
00038670 T G_rotate_around_point_int
00034b20 T G_round_fp_map
0003e6d0 T G_row_repeat_nomask
0003e690 T G_row_to_northing
00035220 T G_row_update_fp_range
00035130 T G_row_update_range
0003e3b0 T G_scan_easting
0003e4b0 T G_scan_northing
0003e340 T G_scan_resolution
0003b0b0 T G_scan_timestamp
0000e1f0 T G_set_ask_return_msg
00026930 T G_set_c_null_value
000102c0 T G_set_c_raster_cat
000102f0 T G_set_cat
0000f5b0 T G_set_cats_fmt
0000f660 T G_set_cats_title
000279d0 T G_set_cell_format
000164b0 T G_set_color
00014230 T G_set_color_range
00016420 T G_set_d_color
00014280 T G_set_d_color_range
00026db0 T G_set_d_null_value
0000fa40 T G_set_d_raster_cat
000163f0 T G_set_default_color
00023660 T G_set_distance_to_line_tolerance
00019db0 T G_set_error_routine
00026e00 T G_set_f_null_value
00010290 T G_set_f_raster_cat
00027a90 T G_set_fp_type
0001d270 T G_set_geodesic_distance_lat1
0001d2c0 T G_set_geodesic_distance_lat2
00019280 T G_set_gisrc_mode
000213b0 T G_set_histogram
00022d50 T G_set_key_value
00023800 T G_set_list_hit_return
00024ab0 T G_set_ls_exclude_filter
00024a80 T G_set_ls_filter
00026e40 T G_set_null_value
000163c0 T G_set_null_value_color
000311b0 T G_set_program_name
00027b10 T G_set_quant_rules
00010240 T G_set_raster_cat
0000f550 T G_set_raster_cats_fmt
0000f600 T G_set_raster_cats_title
00036010 T G_set_raster_value_c
00035e90 T G_set_raster_value_d
00035f50 T G_set_raster_value_f
0003b070 T G_set_timestamp
0003b020 T G_set_timestamp_range
0003c2f0 T G_set_verbose
00039350 T G_set_window
00019d20 T G_setenv
00019cf0 T G_setenv2
0002f2f0 T G_setup_fill
00030c90 T G_setup_plot
00016530 T G_shift_colors
00016550 T G_shift_d_colors
00021bb0 T G_short_history
00039560 T G_shortest_way
00039610 T G_sleep
00019d70 T G_sleep_on_error
00039640 T G_snprintf
0003b980 T G_sock_accept
0003bae0 T G_sock_bind
0003ba50 T G_sock_connect
0003b9f0 T G_sock_exists
0003bb90 T G_sock_get_fname
0003b9c0 T G_sock_listen
0000fd90 T G_sort_cats
00021540 T G_sort_histogram
000214f0 T G_sort_histogram_by_count
0003a1f0 T G_spawn
00039f80 T G_spawn_ex
0003a400 T G_squeeze
000165d0 T G_standard_color_name
00016580 T G_standard_color_rgb
0002f060 T G_stat
0003a4c0 T G_store
0003aac0 T G_str_replace
000165f0 T G_str_to_color
0003a860 T G_str_to_lower
0003a7f0 T G_str_to_sql
0003a8b0 T G_str_to_upper
0003a6b0 T G_strcasecmp
0003a640 T G_strcat
0003a730 T G_strchg
0003a530 T G_strcpy
0003aa60 T G_strdup
0003a770 T G_strip
0003a5e0 T G_strmov
0003a5a0 T G_strncpy
0003a9b0 T G_strstr
0000ef30 T G_suppress_masking
00019d50 T G_suppress_warnings
0003ac60 T G_system
0003aee0 T G_tempfile
0003b6e0 T G_tokenize
00025a40 T G_tolcase
00025a70 T G_toucase
00034cb0 T G_transverse_radius_of_curvature
0003b7f0 T G_trim_decimal
00034ba0 T G_truncate_fp_map
0003b870 T G_unctrl
0000f350 T G_unmark_raster_cats
000121f0 T G_unopen_cell
00019dd0 T G_unset_error_routine
00019cc0 T G_unsetenv
00019c90 T G_unsetenv2
0000f0b0 T G_unsuppress_masking
000110f0 T G_update_cell_stats
00034ee0 T G_update_fp_range
00023350 T G_update_key_value_file
00035160 T G_update_range
0002a0e0 T G_usage
0000eed0 T G_vasprintf
0003c330 T G_verbose
0003c2c0 T G_verbose_max
0001a670 T G_verbose_message
0003c2e0 T G_verbose_min
0003c2d0 T G_verbose_std
0003a1c0 T G_vspawn_ex
000279a0 T G_want_histogram
0001a5c0 T G_warning
0003da40 T G_whoami
0003e7f0 T G_window_cols
0003df40 T G_window_overlap
0003e040 T G_window_percentage_overlap
0003e820 T G_window_rows
00010210 T G_write_cats
00017060 T G_write_colors
00035360 T G_write_fp_range
0003b3f0 T G_write_grid3_timestamp
000217f0 T G_write_histogram
00021740 T G_write_histogram_cs
00021c70 T G_write_history
00023210 T G_write_key_value_file
000348f0 T G_write_quant
000354b0 T G_write_range
000101e0 T G_write_raster_cats
0003b450 T G_write_raster_timestamp
000361b0 T G_write_raster_units
00036180 T G_write_raster_vdatum
000101b0 T G_write_vector_cats
0003b420 T G_write_vector_timestamp
0003edd0 T G_write_zeros
0003ee70 T G_yes
0003efa0 T G_zero
0003efd0 T G_zero_cell_buf
00021320 T G_zero_histogram
0003f010 T G_zero_raster_buf
000318e0 T G_zeros_r_nulls
0001b0f0 T G_zlib_compress
0001b010 T G_zlib_expand
0001b490 T G_zlib_read
0001b330 T G_zlib_write
0001b2a0 T G_zlib_write_noCompress
0003f070 T G_zone
         U _IO_getc
         U _IO_putc
         w _Jv_RegisterClasses
         U __assert_fail
00046e3c A __bss_start
         U __ctype_b_loc
         U __ctype_tolower_loc
         U __ctype_toupper_loc
         w __cxa_finalize
         U __errno_location
         w __gmon_start__
         U __lxstat
         U __rawmemchr
         U __xstat
00046e3c A _edata
0004b604 A _end
         U _exit
0003f0d4 T _fini
0000a514 T _init
         U accept
         U access
         U acos
         U asctime
         U atan
         U bind
         U calloc
         U ceil
         U chdir
         U chmod
         U close
         U closedir
         U connect
         U cos
         U creat
         U ctime
         U datetime_copy
         U datetime_format
         U datetime_scan
         U deflate
         U deflateEnd
         U deflateInit_
         U dlopen
         U dlsym
         U dup
         U dup2
0001dd80 T ellipsoid_table_file
         U execl
         U execvp
         U exit
         U exp
         U fclose
         U fdopen
         U feof
         U fflush
         U fgetc
         U fgets
         U fileno
         U floor
         U fopen
         U fork
         U fprintf
         U fputc
         U fputs
         U free
         U freopen
         U fscanf
         U fseek
         U fwrite
         U getcwd
         U getenv
         U geteuid
         U gethostname
         U getpid
         U getpwuid
         U getuid
         U hypot
         U inflate
         U inflateEnd
         U inflateInit_
         U ioctl
         U isatty
         U kill
         U listen
         U localtime
         U log
         U lseek
         U lseek64
         U malloc
         U memcpy
         U memset
         U mkdir
         U nl_langinfo
         U open
         U open64
         U opendir
         U perror
         U pipe
         U putenv
         U qsort
         U rand
         U read
         U readdir
         U realloc
         U remove
         U rename
         U rewind
         U rewinddir
         U rmdir
         U setlocale
         U setpgrp
         U sigaction
         U sigaddset
         U sigemptyset
         U signal
         U sigprocmask
         U sin
         U sleep
         U socket
         U sprintf
         U sqrt
         U srand
         U sscanf
         U stderr
         U stdin
         U stdout
         U strcat
         U strchr
         U strcmp
         U strcpy
         U strerror
         U strlen
         U strncmp
         U strncpy
         U strrchr
         U strstr
         U strtod
         U strtok
         U strtol
         U system
         U tan
         U tcgetattr
         U time
         U ungetc
         U vasprintf
         U vfprintf
         U vsnprintf
         U vsprintf
         U wait
         U waitpid
         U write
         U xdr_double
         U xdr_float
         U xdrmem_create

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