[GRASS-user] Re: Error with NVIZ Compiling 6.4SVN in Linux

António Rocha antonio.rocha at deimos.com.pt
Mon Jan 25 06:01:32 EST 2010

Regarding Rich message, ,y system is Ubuntu9.10 and I  already installed:
- python2.5-dev
- python2.6-dev
So I have those headers in my system.

I browsed in my file systems and I found 2 python.h in the following 
- /usr/include/python2.5
- /usr/include/python2.6

So my question is, what can I do to point the configuration/installation 
to this files in order to re-compile GRASS SVN and have NVIZ working?


Antonio ROcha

Rich  Shepard says:
>    You are probably running a distribution that packages header files
> separate from executables. See if there's a python-dev package for your
> distribution. If so, install it.
> Rich

> Hey All
> I have tried to compile 6.4SVN version in a Linux but I got errors in:
> utils_wrap.c:124:20: error: Python.h: No such file or directory
> /home/anrr/Downloads/grass-6.4.svn_src_snapshot_2010_01_16/lib/nviz
> /home/anrr/Downloads/grass-6.4.svn_src_snapshot_2010_01_16/gui/wxpython/nviz 
> /home/anrr/Downloads/grass-6.4.svn_src_snapshot_2010_01_16/visualization/nviz 
> /home/anrr/Downloads/grass-6.4.svn_src_snapshot_2010_01_16/visualization/nviz2/cmd 
> /home/anrr/Downloads/grass-6.4.svn_src_snapshot_2010_01_16/swig/python
> And in my WxGUI NVIZ item is on gray and is not available. It says 
> that it required tcltk but tcltk is available (TCLTK gui is working).
> My SWIG version is 1.3.36 and Python I have 2.6.4 and 2.5.4 installed.
> Question: What might be wrong with this? Some package that is not 
> compatible or what?
> Thanks
> Best regards
> Antonio Rocha

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