[GRASS-user] Which 6.x Version To Use?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 26 18:17:11 EST 2010

Rich wrote:
>   A couple of module features I
> want to use are in 6.5 and that version is
> for back porting of changes to 6.4.0. Should I continue to
> use 6.5 or should I periodically get the weekly snapshot of 6.4.0 and
> rebuild?

It depends on if you are willing to help test and diagnose potentially
buggy and unfinished code, or if you just want to get on with your work
with a solid code base.

6.5 may be fine for day to day work, but "production runs" I strongly
recommend a versioned stable release. If for no other reason than to
publish with reproducible results.

so it is up to you, based on your threshold for pain vs. your patience
for getting access to the new feature.

hopefully once 6.4.0 is released more development will move over to trunk
instead of devbr6.



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