[GRASS-user] r.fillnulls with very large map

stephen sefick sas0025 at auburn.edu
Wed Jan 27 19:55:43 EST 2010

As to a previous post I can't use r.fillnulls on the entire map- it
fails.  This is the unelegant method that I am going to try:

g.region n=570352.0 s=537854.2 w=1829041 e=1884039
r.fillnulls input=ft_bragg_lidar_2009 output=filled1
g.region n=570352.0 s=537854.2 w=1884039 e=1939037
r.fillnulls input=filled1 output=filled2
g.region n=570352.0 s=537854.2 w=1939037 e=1994035
r.fillnulls input=filled2 output=filled3
g.region n=570352.0 s=537854.2 w=1994035 e=2049033
r.fillnulls input=filled3 output=filled4
g.region n=537854.2 s=505356.5 w=1829041 e=1884039
r.fillnulls input=filled4 output=filled5
g.region n=537854.2 s=505356.5 w=1884039 e=1939037
r.fillnulls input=filled5 output=filled6
g.region n=537854.2 s=505356.5 w=1939037 e=1994035
r.fillnulls input=filled6 output=filled7

I am attempting to break the region up into smaller regions and then
iteratively fill in the  NULL value by using the last filled map as
the input to the next region.  Will this work?  The problem that I see
occurring is that the is not square so there are large empty regions
on the edges.  Thanks for any help.

Stephen Sefick

Let's not spend our time and resources thinking about things that are
so little or so large that all they really do for us is puff us up and
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annoying little problems of being mammals.

								-K. Mullis

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