[GRASS-user] Re: Which version to start working

Luisa Peña luisapena1979 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 04:38:10 EST 2010

Falo mais ou menos português. Obrigado pela informação e pela ajuda no
"pretend" :)

Então entre 6.4 e 6.5 não há diferença?


2010/1/27 Luisa Peña <luisapena1979 at gmail.com>

> Greetings
> I've been browsing around GRASS website and GRASS wikis and I pretend to
> start working on GRASS in a LINUX system. Besides normal GRASS operations I
> also want to develop a few modules/scripts that I will probably need.
> What I want to know is from which version should I start? 6.4, 6.5 or 7?
> Thank you all
> Luisa Peña
> S.Paulo, Brasil
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