[GRASS-user] Working Effectively With wxPython GUI

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Fri Jan 29 17:05:47 EST 2010

   Michael Barton's convinced me that I need to become as fluent with the
wxPython GUI as I am with d.mon. I'm finding this to be a bit of a

   For example, I have all pertinent raster and vector layers loaded in the
workspace. When I want to see only the r.param.scale output map (raster
named 'morphology') I have to turn other layers on and off before just that
one will display. Yes, I do specify 'zoom to selected map(s)' from the menu.
Haven't figured out why.

   When I want to overlay a vector map with fcolor=none, how do I do this
from the list of loaded maps? If I turn on the 'basin' map, for example, it
has a solid fill and blocks the map underneath it. Changing the opacity
level affects the vector lines, not the fill within each polygon.

Pointers appreciated,


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