[GRASS-user] grass environment script

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Sat Jan 30 04:30:41 EST 2010

I am using grass6.4 on xp platform.
I notice that the grass icon in the desktop is a shortcut of grass64.bat
under the grass intall directory. it is "F:\anzhuang\GRASS-6-SVN\grass64.bat
Then I open the grass64.bat, it just set some GRASS variables and
environment variables. So I think I can create a bat and do some grass
process in the command line manner.

My bat is :
set GRASSDIR=F:\anzhuang\GRASS-6-SVN



set GISRC=C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\.grassrc6
I save it as grassStart.bat at D driver.

Then I open a new command, run: D:\grassStart.bat, then I use "set " to see
the path variable, the grass variables have been added.

Then I want to run a grass command : r.info ,however it deosnot work. The
error message box can be found here:http://imagebin.org/82527

I hope some one can check it .

In fact what I want to do is set the grass environment variables once the
jvm startup, then I can call grass do some process in java.
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