[GRASS-user] Fuzzy logic in GRASS

Jarosław Jasiewicz jarekj at amu.edu.pl
Wed Mar 3 03:44:30 EST 2010

Hi list

I added to SVN-ADD-ON repository two new modules:
r.fuzzy: calculates membership of image according mempership function 
definied by user with 4 inflection poin and some addationa parameters 
(see description)

r.fuzzy.logic perform fuzzy logic operations (OR, AND, NOT and 
implication) with 6 families of T-norm and complement dual T-conorms

That modules are only sketch of something bigger which I plan to evolve 
into full fuzzy logic system (with rules, inferance and decision support 

There are at least however on problem:
r.fuzzy for GRASS exist and not exist (by Francois Delclaux). I tried to 
contact with author but it failed and  module is not available from 
add-on web page. For now I leave name r.fuzzy, but if it could be the 
problem I can change name or remove both module.

I need some comments about my work:

- for r.fuzzy shape parameter use nonstandard solution which is not 
applied in any software known for me. What you think about it? Or shall 
I change it into standard dilatation/concentration parameter (power/sqrt)
- i plan to add custom fuzzy set definition but it require manual typing 
of sets of points or some more complex membership function definition 
which may be difficult without visual assistance, so I'd like to know if 
it would be really useful

modules are very simple, but If there would be some problems with 
compilation or working, please let me know

Jarek Jasiewicz

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