[GRASS-user] v.out.ogr to Mysql

Pablo Carreira pablotcarreira at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 4 09:07:55 EST 2010

Hi, I'am trying to export (v.out.ogr) some vectors to Mysql but I got the following problem:

ERROR 1: MySQL error message:Duplicate entry '1' for key 'OGR_FID'

 For every vector it try to use the same OGR_FID and at the end It exports
 only the first vector becouse the other has duplicated FID.

Any help?
Is this a bug?

I had sent a message to gdal-devel but I don't understand the answer:

>>This could happen if you pass to CreateFeature() features that have the same 
>>id set by OGRFeature::SetFID() as being 1... Check with OGRFeature::GetFID() 
>>what you pass to CreateFeature().
>>Best regards,


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