[GRASS-user] How to embed a grass script (for example v.db.addcol) into a Pythonscript on windows?

Sonja Jankowfsky sonja.jankowfsky at cemagref.fr
Fri Mar 5 04:38:48 EST 2010

Many thanks for your tips!
Concerning the missing ordinal, I had a check and I only have 2 
SSLEAY32.dll libraries on my machine:
The one in C:\GRASS-4-SVN\extralib, which is indicated in the PATH and 
one other in  C:\OSGeo4w\bin, but that's not in the PATH. So windows 
should take the first one.
I think, the problem with the ordinal is coming from something else, but 
I don't know what.

Concerning the second problem I added GRASS_SH = 
C:\GRASS-4-SVN\msys\bin\sh.exe (I only have msys inside GRASS installed) 
to the environment variables.
Now, I get a different error message:

C:\GRASS-4-SVN/scripts/v.db.addcol: line 55: basename: command not found
C:\GRASS-4-SVN/scripts/v.db.addcol: line 63: basename: command not found
C:\GRASS-4-SVN/scripts/v.db.addcol: line 66: which: command not found
ERREUR :awk required, please install awk or gawk first

do I have to add other executable to the environment variables?

Glynn Clements a écrit :
> Sonja Jankowfsky wrote:
>> in C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe
>> C:\GRASS-4-SVN\bin\v.in.ogr.exe
>> result: L'ordinal 284 est introuvable dans la bibliothèque de liaisons 
>> dynamique SSLEAY32.dll.
> I think that's something like "the ordinal 284 could not be found in
> the dynamic library SSLEAY32.dll". SSLeay is the original name of
> OpenSSL, which is used by some of the libraries used by GDAL
> (typically database libraries).
>> (call to v.in.ogr works fine in a pythonscript run in Eclipse, but not 
>> run in the windows command line)
> A missing ordinal suggests that it's finding the wrong version of the
> library. This is likely to be related to the PATH setting, which
> Windows uses to locate DLLs, as well as executables.

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