[GRASS-user] Setting "percent complete" output

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 12 00:59:54 EST 2010

Milind wrote:
> I have GRASS 6.4.0 installed (with the wxpython GUI interface) on a
> 32-bit Windows XP Professional OS. For some reason, when I submit a
> process, I am unable to see how much of the process is complete. I
> have tried using both g.gisenv and altering the .grassrc6 file to say:
> G_INFO_FORMAT_GUI: [wxgui, init.sh]
> but none of these seemed to make a difference. Any ideas?

not all modules use G_percent(), it is added by hand whenever the author
thought it would be appropriate & feasible. Which module is taking a
long time to complete but is not giving you any feedback?



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