[GRASS-user] nearest point to a line

Malte Martin malte at perlomat.de
Sat Mar 13 15:04:26 EST 2010

Hi Grass users!

After a few years without GRASS I'm starting to work with GRASS again.  
And of course I have some problems or better questions if GRASS will  
fit my needs.

I have to find the nearest point to a line. I think v.distance wil do  
the trick but I'm a little bit confused. My idea is using v.distance  
with a threshold. The output should be a table with the point number  
or better point designation, the distance and the designation of the  
line. So I'll be able to sort the table with the minimum distance of  
each line. But I'm "lost in documentation" somehow. It would be great  
if someone could give me a short hint. How can I get the output (of  
course the desginations are attributes of the sites and lines).

Thanks in advance!
Malte Martin

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