[GRASS-user] importing dem files: projection details?

Tyler Smith tyler.smith at eku.edu
Sun Mar 14 01:19:13 EST 2010


It's been a while since I used GRASS, and I'm having trouble getting my 
data into the system. The data I'm working on is available here:


It's USGS format DEM data. The meta data is found here:


Apparently, the metadata is not available in the data files, so I had to 
enter the details by hand in setting up a new location. I'm working from 
Neteler and Mitasova 3rd ed., but otherwise have very limited GIS 
background. My attempt at the projection is listed below. It appears 
that I'm using two different systems here, with the actual raster file 
in units of meters, while the default region is measured in degrees. I'm 
not sure how to convert the easting/northing into degrees, or the 
degrees into meters. I've also tried this with State Plane System and 
Lat-Long, but haven't figured out what I'm doing wrong. Please help!



name       : Lambert Conformal Conic
datum      : nad83
nadgrids   : TN
proj       : lcc
ellps      : grs80
a          : 6378137.0000000000
es         : 0.0066943800
f          : 298.2572221010
lat_0      : 36.3333333300
lat_1      : 38.6666666670
lat_2      : 37.0833333330
lon_0      : -85.7500000000
x_0        : 1500000.0000000000
y_0        : 1000000.0000000000
unit       : meter
units      : meters
meters     : 1.0

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