[GRASS-user] label

Achim Kisseler ak7 at jupiter.uni-freiburg.de
Tue Mar 16 07:40:24 EDT 2010

Hi Hamish,

thanks a lot for reply!

> display=attr ?

thats what I did, but I dont get even simple text
>> Building a label map with v.label and loading it, I get an
>> error: map not found.
> displaying fancy paint labels is done by d.labels not by d.vect.
> (third button from right in wxGUI layer manager)

Thats what I also did. I find the label layer I generated with v.label. 
Here I get this error message:

Map <> not found.

In the past I changed to QGIS for displaying, but I would like to stay 

It just does not work and I cannot find out, why!

Best regards,

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