[GRASS-user] Question about the use of d.vect.thematic

Thomas Adams Thomas.Adams at noaa.gov
Thu Mar 18 15:16:15 EDT 2010


I am trying to use d.vect.thematic to create a thematic map where the 
vector polygons are filled with a color dependent on an attribute value, 
swe, which is of type 'real'. I am using sqlite as the db driver. The 
swe attribute was added to my vector map using v.db.join, which worked 
fine. I can query the map and see that the swe values are correct.

However, when I use d.vect.thematic, I get the following error:

Column <swe> is of type <real> which is not numeric.

I don't understand; I guess there are subtle nuances with these data 
type considerations which I don't yet appreciate. When I created my 
sqlite db and table, should I have read-in the data as a different type? 
If so, what?


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