[GRASS-user] Large File Support (LFS)

John Tate john.tate at ntlworld.com
Wed Mar 24 06:16:00 EDT 2010

Hamish wrote:

> if you have a 32bit machine, the solution/workaround for this is
> to pipe from stdin instead.  try this:
> cat /home/bob2/rawdata/clean/test4.asc | r.in.xyz input=- \
>   output=test4 method=min fs=, x=6 y=7 z=8

Ok, this worked fine for r.in.xyz, thanks.

How about v.in.ascii (using sqlite)?
Is the solution to import multiple files with v.in.ascii and then v.patch?
Is this likely to work with LiDAR data where topology isn't built?

Just want to get an opinion before I spend some time on this again, or abandon 
32bit compatibility for the scripts.



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