[GRASS-user] 3D lines to raster with elevation

M S mseibel at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 12:15:09 EDT 2010

Should v.to.rast be able to take a 3D line, and convert to raster with
applicable Z values brought over?

This command:
v.to.rast input=line3d at PERMANENT output=line3d use=z type=line layer=1
rows=4096 --overwrite

outputs this:
Loading data...
Reading features...
Writing raster map...
Converted areas: 0 of 0
Converted points/lines: 0 of 1
v.to.rast complete.

When I query the 3D line in GRASS, it has Z values:
Map: line3d
Type: Line
Id: 1
Length: 1619.419511
Line height min: 97.439897
Line height max: 98.149869
Layer: 1
Category: 1

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