[GRASS-user] d.out.file in wxpython?

Francesco Mirabella mirabell at unipg.it
Tue Mar 30 04:08:22 EDT 2010

Hi Hamish,
thank you,
yes, I tried the export button but the .tif or .png file has a bad 
resolution and if you want to export a topographic map it is not 
readable. This happens also if the region resolution is high (1 m) and 
in the display monitor the display is good enough to read heights and 
houses names (it is a 1:10.000 scale map). Is there a way to control the 
output image resolution?


Hamish wrote:
> Francesco wrote:
>> I am also trying to export a display. I found d.out.file
>> was great as it  could export also as geotiff.
>> Is it planned for it to be also in wxpython new gui?
> No, due to the different display driver used it is not possible.
> But the map display canvas has a save image button, which is next
> to the printer button.  (devs: can we set the default for that to
> PNG?)
> Hamish

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