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Thanks. I look forward to trying it. 

The wx.lib.plot class does a nice job of drawing graphs and could do a histogram as a line plot. It is included with wx.Python and does not require another dependency. Take a look at profile.py for its use in the profiling module.

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> Hi all,
>    I had just created a wx version of i.class module which generates
> spectral signatures for an image by allowing the user to outline regions of
> interest. The resulting signature file can be used as input for i.maxlik or
> as a seed signature file for i.cluster.
> Actual i.class module requires Xterm and work only in systems having Xserver
> installed. I created python version of i.class which works on all platform.
> Now windows users can use i.class module.
> Currently development is in beta stage. wx.class is tested and works only
> for NC dataset available from grassbook.org site.
> It uses wxpython paintDC to draw histograms which must be changed to use
> python-matplotlib for drawing smooth histograms as the output needed to be.
> I dont want to add a new dependency to grass as other developers but I am
> forced to do :(
> current wx.class doesn't need any other dependencies. The needs some cleanup
> but as I am busy with some other works related to GRASS I don't have much
> time to spend on cleaning up the code. But within a month or to you can have
> the fully functional wx.class.
> Now I am hosting to GRASS-Addons repo because the code needs
> testing...(although needs some cleanup)
> A README is included with source which shows how to use the module. But
> wx.class is made to be user-friendly.
> Any comments or suggestions are really welcomed :)
> --
> Rashad
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