[GRASS-user] Estimating Albedo from Landsat

Nikos Alexandris nikos.alexandris at felis.uni-freiburg.de
Fri Sep 17 14:16:15 EDT 2010


> > Probably we should concentrate on the North Carolina dataset for common
> > tests... its landsat mapset has:
> > Auto-cloud determination for the NC 1987 Landsat5 scene is no good.

Right, it does not look good.

# rename lsat5_1987_10 to lsat5_1987.1 (same for the rest of the bands of 

# DN to TOA (from metadata at Glovis: "sun elevation =39.71119266")
i.landsat.toar band_prefix=lsat5_1987 method=uncorrected sensor=5 
date=1987-10-14 solar_elevation=39.71119266 product_date=1987-10-14

# uncorrected, 2-pass
 i.landsat.acca -5 -2 band_prefix=lsat5_1987.toar output=lsat5_1987.toar.acca 
--o --v        # cloud detection is really bad

# single pass
i.landsat.acca -5 band_prefix=lsat5_1987.toar output=lsat5_1987.toar.acca --o 
--v        # as noted by Hamish I think, seems to partially follow the road 
network... !?

Given that the NC lsat data set represents untouched DN's, perhaps it has to 
do with "old vs new" calibration parameters?


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