[GRASS-user] Question regarding grass.mapcalc

Kim Besson kimbesson1981 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 24 05:51:54 EDT 2010


I'm doing a Python script to calibrate a raster image. Since I need to do 3
different calculations I'm using a tempfile (tempL)

This is the code:

     tempL = grass.read_command("g.tempfile", pid = "1")
    grass.mapcalc("$L=$lmin+ (($lmax-$lmin)/($QCALmax-$QCALmin))*
($raster_file-$QCALmin)", L=tempL, lmin=lmin, lmax=lmax, QCALmax=QCALmax,
QCALmin=QCALmin, raster_file=raster_file)

Where tempL is a temporary, (lmin,lmax) are floats, QCALmax and QCALmin are
int and raster_file is a raster map used as input.

And I get this:
syntax error, unexpected '/', expecting NAME or STRING
Parse error
ERROR: An error occurred while running r.mapcalc

What is happening? I believe it has something to do with tempL. Maybe I'm
not doing this right. Can anyone help me on this?
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