[GRASS-user] [DWE]- Landsat Cloud detection with GRASS

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 29 01:46:44 EDT 2010

maning wrote:
> Off-topic:  I hope the landsat tools (i.topo.corr,
> i.landsat.toar, i.landsat.acca, i.landsat.dehaze, i.attcorr) gets into
> the core in the future.

yes, we're working on .toar and .acca now; I think .dehaze needs some minor
cleanup & pythonization for trunk but no one is working on that right now;
and i.atcorr is already there in all branches.

(today's .acca got a little messy in svn, give it a few days to get cleaned
back up)

you'll want to read the PDF paper by Irish in the refs section of the .acca
man page, it discusses where the cloud detection algorithm does well and
where it does not do well: for opaque clouds it does well, for thin semi-
transparent clouds it does not do well. creating a cloud MASK from the
output of i.landsat.acca with r.reclass or r.mapcalc is very simple.

together they form a nice RS suite,


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