[GRASS-user] Any GRASS users in Puerto Rico?

Mario Julio Barragan Arce mariojulio.barragan at upr.edu
Wed Sep 29 12:20:36 EDT 2010

Hello. I need to learn how to use GIS and I have chosen to do it with GRASS.
My plan is to learn GIS/GRASS essentials during the next 12 months and start
applying it for my research the 12 months after that. I started reading the
available documentation and also started playing with the sample data set
and am now trying (unsuccessfully) to import data for PR into GRASS. I
realize that I would benefit from discussing many GRASS related issues with
other users and it would be great if I could find someone to discuss with
these issues face to face. There is another person that will be learning
GIS/GRASS with me, so we are already a "big" GRASS user wannabes in this
campus. Anybody knows of other GRASS users in Puerto Rico we could contact?
Thank you in advance. Saludos, Julio. (I apologize if you get this message
twice as I first mistakenly posted it on a list intended for general GIS and
OsGeo discussion).
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