[GRASS-user] MDOW relief shading in GRASS

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> Subject: [GRASS-user] MDOW relief shading in GRASS
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> Hi,
> I am revisiting a previous script I made in producing
> "Multidirectional, oblique-weighted, shaded-relief".  ArcGis has this
> script:
> http://blogs.esri.com/Support/blogs/mappingcenter/archive/2008/10/07/updated-hillshade-toolbox.aspx
> [...]
> But I get not so good results, here's the output using nc_sp_08's
> elev_ned_30m (X0=MDOW, X1= default r.shaded.relief module)
> http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4148/5037622535_113924312b_b.jpg
> Anything wrong with my commands?

Judging by eye, it looks like you are getting pretty much what one would 

Reading the esri post, reminded me that there is a web page describing 
how to get the generalized hillshade that is described in the same post 
before MDOW:

Maybe of help to someone.

Kind regards,


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