[GRASS-user] v.rast.stats (r.category) fail?

Annalisa Minelli annagrass6 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 12:22:23 EST 2011

Hi all,
I'm experiencing some problems with v.rast.stats and (I suppose) v.category.
I have a lines vector file and I want to obtain some statistics on each
I try to use the module but it soon exits with the message:

v.rast.stats vector=ord1_pl_3d_cat raster=dem colprefix=stats percentile=90
--verbose -c
ERROR: No categories found in raster map

evenif I have some feature (with categories and "cat" column too on
associated dbf) in my file.

Then I tried r.category by itself and I discovered that sometimes it works
but sometimes not.
Align region on input raster map doesn't affect the result.

Any hint?

Best regards, Annalisa
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