[GRASS-user] GRASS citation?

Marcello Gorini gorini at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 19:03:13 EST 2011

Stephen Sefick:

> > I saw a paper on this list the other day, but have deleted the original
> > email.  Is this the appropriate thing to cite when referring to GRASS
> GIS in
> > a paper?
Markus Neteler:

> You may cite as this:
> (from http://grass.osgeo.org/download/index.php)
> *  GRASS Development Team, 2010. Geographic Resources Analysis Support
> System (GRASS) Software, Version 6.4. Open Source Geospatial
> Foundation. http://grass.osgeo.org
> *  GRASS Development Team, 2010. Geographic Resources Analysis Support
> System (GRASS) Programmer's Manual. Open Source Geospatial Foundation.
> Electronic document: http://grass.osgeo.org/programming6/
In three days time I will be submitting a paper to Geomorphology where the
main research was made entirely with GRASS.

I was willing to ask you: right now when I mention I used GRASS I refer to
it like

"... GRASS GIS (© 1999-2010 GRASS Development Team) version is 6.4.0svn and
the main modules that compose ...."

and then when I talk about a specific module I say like

"....the minimum-watershed-size threshold was set to 100 cells (GRASS GIS
6.4.0svn Reference Manual, 2010)..."

Is it correct? If so, should I use the same two aforementioned references
at the reference list, but replacing "Programmer's Manual" by "Reference

Thanks for the help. I really want to do it right.


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