[GRASS-user] New paper: "GRASS GIS: a multi-purpose Open Source GIS"

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 15 03:12:27 EST 2011

Markus Neteler wrote:
> we are proud to announce a new, general paper on GRASS GIS:
> Neteler, M., Bowman, M.H., Landa, M. and Metz, M. (2012):
> GRASS GIS: a multi-purpose  Open Source GIS.
> Environmental Modelling & Software
> DOI: 10.1016/j.envsoft.2011.11.014
> Proof PDF: http://gis.cri.fmach.it/uploads/ENSO_2675_proof_GRASS_GIS.pdf
>    (the final PDF will be soon online)

hint: for bibtex you need to quote the ampersand in the journal name as {\&}
or else LaTeX gets upset.

> Abstract:
> The GIS software sector has developed rapidly over the last ten years.
> Open Source GIS applications are gaining relevant market shares in
> academia, business, and public administration. In this paper, we
> illustrate the history and features of a key Open Source GIS, the
> Geographical Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS). GRASS has
> been under development for more than 28 years, has strong ties into
> academia, and its review mechanisms led to the integration of well
> tested and documented algorithms into a joint GIS suite which has
> been used regularly for environmental modelling. The development is
> community-based with developers distributed globally.
> Through the use of an online source code repository, mailing lists
> and a Wiki, users and developers communicate in order to review
> existing code and develop new methods. In this paper, we provide a
> functionality overview of the more than 400 modules available in
> the latest stable GRASS software release. This new release runs
> natively on common operating systems (MS-Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac
> OSX), giving basic and advanced functionality to casual and expert
> users. In the second part, we review selected publications with a
> focus on environmental modelling to illustrate the wealth of use
> cases for this open and free GIS.

a great big thanks to Markus x2 and Martin for their patience and
persistence in this effort.


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