[GRASS-user] LIDAR tools and topology (unable to open ... on level 2)

Micha Silver micha at arava.co.il
Fri Dec 16 01:03:36 EST 2011

I find that after running each of the v.lidar.* the resulting vector 
lacks topology, so I can't view the categories:

i.e. (after v.lidar.correct):

GRASS 6.4.2RC1 (ITM):~/GIS/DEM/LIDAR_EinYahav > v.category south_correct 
ERROR: Unable to open vector map <south_correct at EinYahav_LIDAR> on level 2.
        Try to rebuild vector topology by v.build.

So I run v.build, and then I get the vector with 4 different layers, 
each with a different number of cat values (different max category).

Is this what is supposed to happen? Should I add a v.build step between 
each of the v.lidar.* stages?



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