[GRASS-user] removing a vector deletes connected table by default?

Shane Litherland litherland-farm at bigpond.com
Fri Dec 23 18:56:53 EST 2011

Hi again,

wxGUI 6.4.2RC2 continued:

create a new vector, with default option of adding a new table.

When I then choose to delete the vector (g.remove via File > Manage maps
and volumes) I can delete the vector.

Watching the PostgreSQL database using PGAdmin3, when I create the
vector "testing" it creates a table by same name. when I delete the
vector, the table goes too. This is using default settings in g.remove.
I did not even choose the 'force remove' option.

I am fairly sure that previously (e.g. tcltk GUI), the process of
deleting a vector/raster DID NOT delete the table it was connected to by
default; one had to choose to do that (or even use a different tool to
delete the table).

I found that if I dropped a table (using v.db.connect) from a vector
prior to deleting the vector, the table was not deleted.

This seems to me a dangerous default, because the same thing caught me
out in ~RC1, where I connected a test vector to an existing table, then
when I deleted the test vector, my rather important table was taken out
with it!

Can anyone else debunk or support my experience here? I would consider
this a fairly serious 'bug' if it is repeatable and not just an artefact
of my system setup.


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