[GRASS-user] d.area.thematic ? and other d. in wxgui

Shane Litherland litherland-farm at bigpond.com
Mon Dec 26 00:21:06 EST 2011

Fellow GRASSers,

I have been playing/reading through vector classification, in the help
files under v.class, there is reference to d.area.thematic which
actually opens up a help page for d.thematic.area.

I was also looking via the wxgui search module, for either combination
of these tools, didn't seem to come up in the menu tree.

I tried typing either of these into the command console, the latter gave
a message that it's not yet implemented in wxgui, the former had no

So it seems the reference to d.area.thematic in the help files (at least
on the v.class page) is merely a typo?

Whilst looking around, I happened to type d.vect.. in the command
console, and found there was a d.vect.thematic tool. It opened up a
dialog for me to play with. Yet using the search module, I could not
find where d.vect.thematic was in the menu tree.

In fact, I had trouble finding where many d. commands are in the wxgui,
I tried entering a few in the command console from the several that came
up for auto-fill, often got a message about 'not yet in wxgui' so are
most d. commands still a work in progress to activate in wxgui?

I have more question/comments regarding d.vect.thematic, a tool which I
found in wxgui that seems to do a similar task to d.thematic.area, in a
separate post.


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