[GRASS-user] How to create 500m DEM from 90m DEM

SGW00412 at nifty.com SGW00412 at nifty.com
Sat Dec 31 18:38:56 EST 2011

Dear grass users;

I would like to create 500m dem from 90m dem (SRTM).

So, I am going to write a script as follows...is it right ?

(1)import with 'r.in.srtm' command.

(2)set resolution with 'g.region' command.
SRTM is 90m resolution...

(3)exchagen a projection from latlon_wgs84 to utm_xx with 'r.proj' command.
( because initial projection of SRTM data is latlon_wgs84...)

(4)change resolution with 'g.region' res=500 (meter).

(5)create a point vector with 'r.to.v'(col=value) command.

I feel whether the target value is acquired by only change of resolution (90m->

May I use 'r.surf.rst' ?

Yasuo shimada: Japan weather associaton.

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