[GRASS-user] Re: mapcalc problem in python script!!

Joshua Arnott josh at snorfalorpagus.net
Thu Feb 3 11:26:47 EST 2011


Looking at your Python code and the error, I expect the issue is with the way you are calling the script, rather than it's content.

From the documentation, g.parser returns a Python dictionary. The options "command" is a variable, rather than a function.


The key error occurs when you attempt to access a key, in your case upstream_shreve, when it does not exist.


I suspect the problem is that you're not setting a value for upstream_shreve from the command line, i.e.,

./test3.py upstream_shreve=newmapname upstream_part=upstreammap shreve=anothermap

In your Python script, if you throw in:

print options

You'll be able to quickly check it contains the key-value pairs you expect.

Hope this helps,
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