[GRASS-user] 3d Geological modelling

Michiel Kunzel mich_kun at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 14 07:51:31 EST 2011

Hello list,

I have a series of geological cross sections, built from borehole data, that I would like to put into a 3d image of the subsurface. I'd like to use GRASS GIS for this. 
I am browsing through the help files on r3 processing but getting a bit lost, can anyone please point me to an introduction on how to do this?
I'd first like to visualize my cross sections in combination with a surface DEM that I have made of my study area and then create subsurface volumes of different deposits.
Can I convert my .svg images for this or is it easier to make new vector or raster maps based on my borehole data? 

Hope I have explained myself clearly enough. Thank you in advance for your answers.


Michiel Künzel

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