[GRASS-user] Grass 6.4.0RC6 cannot find wxPython

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 17 17:50:58 EST 2011

Martin L:
> > 6.4.0RC6 is quite old, update to 6.4.0 or better to 6.4.1RC1. I am not
> > claiming that it solves this problem anyway it's better to start here.

Markus N:
> I agree with Martin but I see from
> http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=grass
> that GRASS on Ubuntu is somewhat oldish. The latest version available
> there is RC6+r42329 which is approximately 9 months ago. So not even the
> stable 6.4.0 seems to be available.

actually RC6+r42329 is essentially 6.4.0 final, but with the default
GUI still set to tcl/tk. (ie all bugfixes up to 6.4.0, but no new features
which would require packaging changes)

> Does anyone know how to improve that situation?

Yes, the UbuntuGIS project (ubuntu at lists dot osgeo.org) maintains a
repository of more modern GRASS, GDAL, etc packages. It is simple to
add them as a package source and upgrade to something newer:

I'd note that since the new Debian stable is released, things are now
unfrozen there and Frankie has just uploaded a new 6.4.0 to debian/
unstable yesterday,  http://packages.qa.debian.org/g/grass.html
That will filter through to ubuntu & other derivatives soon enough.

(due to freeze policy of allowing bug fixes but not uploads of new
versions, what ended up in the just-released Debian/Squeeze was 6.4.0rc6 +
all bug fixes up to 6.4.0. so if you look up when r42329 is, it's really
better than it sounds by just the rc6 version number at face value)



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