[GRASS-user] Use of Postgres/PostGIS with GRASS

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 25 02:31:36 EST 2011

Aren wrote:
> Wait, so GRASS can read directly from PostGIS tables? I thought
> you had to import all the data into GRASS first?

check out the new v.external module.


and the v.external.out module in GRASS 7-dev.

note this is about the geometry data, the attribute data could
already be stored in a plain postgres DB since GRASS 5.7.

also there is a new r.external module, combine that with GDAL's
`gdalbuildvrt` Virtual raster maps (eg *.tif) and cut out a whole
slew of middle-steps and disk writes.

don't expect these virtual maps to work as well as native maps
of course, but they shouldn't be buggy either.



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