[GRASS-user] Warning to Mac users: TclTk 8.5.9 breaks compatibility for NVIZ

William Kyngesburye woklist at kyngchaos.com
Sat Feb 26 11:20:17 EST 2011

Don't upgrade to TclTk 8.5.9, stick with 8.5.8.  I realize it's been out since last September, but I never upgraded out of laziness and didn't notice.

They switched to use the system Cocoa API from the old Carbon API (should have saved that for 8.6).  Togl still has Carbon calls in it, and I don't think that'll change (it's not an easy fix, and GRASS still uses the older togl 1.7, and even 2.0 still uses Carbon).  I'm too lazy to report a bug for TclTk on this - I don't use NVIZ and expect GRASS 7 (and maybe 6) to eventually have something working in Python anyways.

Unfortunately, ActiveState, that makes the ActiveTcl that is recommended for compilation and my binaries, only provides old versions for download for the "business" edition, and doesn't allow reditribution of their installers.  I'll have to restore the TclTk compile instructions in the Mac readme in the GRASS source, and figure out something to make a TclTk 8.5.8 available for existing GRASS packages.

Any user-compiled or other distribution of TclTk 8.5.8 Aqua frameworks should work, as it's all just standard options in the source.

Note: this only affects NVIZ.  TclTk GUI is not affected.

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